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Last time we started 3-0, we went to the Super Bowl. Let’s make it happen again.


So the cross didn’t happen because God angrily wanted to crucify all of us and begrudgingly accepted his son as our substitute. The cross happened because God sees infinite worth in people who have done really really bad things to other people, and he wanted to do justice to the harm that they caused while creating a means for their redemption and reconciliation. It wouldn’t be just to the victims of their sins for God to say everything is fine now without the cross.
We are clearly called in the Bible to “do justice, love mercy, and walk humbly before our God” (Micah 6:8), to “love our neighbors as ourselves” (Luke 10:27), and to “defend the cause of the marginalized” (Psalm 82:3). We are called to proclaim the Gospel and to live as witnesses of the love of Christ, not to promote our theological or political agenda.
If same-sex relationships are really sinful, then why do they so often produce good fruit—loving families, open homes, self-sacrifice, commitment, faithfulness, joy? And if conservative Christians are really right in their response to same-sex relationships, then why does that response often produce bad fruit—secrets, shame, depression, loneliness, broken families, and fear?

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If your theological system does not allow you to condemn genocide as always morally wrong, please pitch it and embrace the revelation of God found in Jesus Christ! Don’t begin your theology with Greek philosophical categories, begin with Jesus. And the moment your theology of God begins to not resemble Jesus, retrace your steps until you’ve found your mistake. Jesus is the doctrine of God. God didn’t give us a theological system — he gave us Jesus!

So far this season, the Eagles have scored 6 points in the first half of games and 58 points in the second half. Now THAT’S how you made second half adjustments!

We are all the same people, with sinning hearts that make us equal. So here’s my hand, not words said desperately. It’s not our job to make anyone believe.

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That’s how the movie begins. It’s ridiculous. It’s so painfully ridiculous that I was genuinely shocked and embarrassed as a Christian. The portrait of Professor Radisson is the fanciful product of an overactive evangelical imagination, an imagination too long steeped in fear. It’s a mockery of atheists and other skeptics, who have every justification to be angry at the film. It’s an exaggerated portrait, an unfair portrait, and an outright silly portrait. Philosophy professors do not require their students to sign a statement that God is dead. They would be reprimanded, and a sufficient number of students in the class would have refused — not just our protagonist. With the recent happenings at Cal State and Vanderbilt, there is not much that would shock me about the “benign guardianship” of our liberal elites. But this is dumb — nothing more than an obvious scare tactic in order to portray the professor as villainous as possible and Josh as the great martyr-hero. I was fully expecting Professor Radisson to next instruct the class to write 666 on their foreheads.
I find very little evidence in Christian scriptures that Jesus preferred ritual purity to compassionate love. Instead, what we see is that he included those despised by his Jewish synagogue as the precise objects of his compassion. Scripture bears many witnesses to his willingness to include social outcasts among his disciples.
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